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About us

Poodling Pooches is run by Elad, a dog walker with years of experience and a great love of spaniels and labradors! 


In 2014 Poodling Pooches was born and Elad has been out rain or shine, day in day out poodling and platying with the Poodling Pooches crew.

Elad strives to have a great relationship with all Poodling Pooches clients both human and furry and is always at the end of the phone whenever needed! Elad tries to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. 

My beautiful CC is truly my furry baby and I can count on one hand the amount of people I would trust to take her out.


Rikki and Elad is the top two people. When they take her I know she gets an absolutely fun exercise and they will not stop for an hour.


Even when I bump into them when I have CC, all the dogs are playing, catching ball and continuously walking. They never hang around being bored. And I can really tell that CC loves Elad is that when we are walking and she sees him she will run over there to say Hi.


100% trust them and the most important part is that I know she is safe with them as they take security very seriously. A million times recommend them. Always!


Edina - CC's Mum

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